Ka Huna video demonstration

A Ka Huna demonstration:


As a Ka Huna Bodywork Practitioner….

I will provide a safe, supportive environment and compassionate understanding to facilitate your experience of self-healing.

I have qualified after in-depth training with Mette’s Institute at High Spirits Retreat  www.highspiritsretreat.com.au . The institute is accredited by several Associations of Massage Therapy throughout Australia.  All practitioners have extensive experience in the process of both giving and receiving Ka Huna Bodywork, client counselling and Huna philosophy.

Learning to kiss the sky while keeping my feet firmly planted in the earth - KaHuna training.
Learning to kiss the sky while keeping my feet firmly planted in the earth – KaHuna training.


After qualifying at Mette’s Institute, I was fortunate enough to meet a true KaHuna. I felt humbled and inspired by this amazing being and realised that the depth of his knowledge and experience was greater than what I could find in any institute . I wanted to be that good of a therapist too! I have since apprenticed myself to him and continue to develop my skills and knowledge under the benefit of his guidance through experiential learning and one-on-one supervision.


Ka Huna is a wonderful way to  bring vitality and healing to your body, the experience of peace to your mind and a sense of wonder to your soul.

Each Ka Huna treatment is different. Sometimes you may experience physical healing and relaxation, other times you may be releasing stagnant energy or residual stuck emotions by laughing, crying or generally vocalising. You may see colours, experience energy shifts, release past memories, deepen the connection to you higher Self or receive spiritual healing…..anything is possible.


you are not your body

you are not your emotions

you are not your thoughts

you are a spark of the Divine

Lotus Blosson
Lotus Blosson
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